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The Best AI Script Generator: Create Texts Reflecting Your Creativity

Struggling to write a compelling text for your new video? Don’t worry, it is indeed one uneasy task. But the problem is not as dramatic as it was a decade ago, as Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help you overcome creative paralysis and make ideas flow.

Generate scripts or get inspired by new ideas; AI tools can boost the creative process in many ways. But do you know how AI is capable of doing it? Let’s not blindly trust concepts, but first, learn how the technology works!

How Does an AI Script Writer Work?

No magic is involved in the process. AI can generate scripts because it has consumed and analyzed lots of scripts before. For example, Captions’ AI is constantly fed great texts to understand the hallmarks of the best scenarios, dialogues, and character dynamics to eventually produce engaging scripts aligned with users’ requests.

This is how you can generate video scripts in Captions:

  1. Choose if you need a video script for TikTok, Instagram, or other platforms.
  2. Describe the scenario in a few words or as detailedly as you want (up to 2200 are allowed).
  3. Select the preferred tone of voice (funny, somber, sarcastic, etc.).
  4. Choose the type of audience (young adults, children, etc.).
  5. Pick the video length (up to 15 seconds, up to 3 minutes, etc.).
  6. Opt for one of the 100+ languages for the video script.
  7. Add the generated text to the integrated teleprompter to record your video content while reading from the screen!

Despite Captions’ user-friendly interface, an intricate network of technologies works behind the scenes to keep the tool easy and satisfying for users. For example, we employ Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML), neural networks, and other AI subsets so that Captions can correctly interpret your request and write a script precisely aligned with your vision.

5 Worth-To-Try AI Script Writers

With the market inundated with great tools for AI script generation, it’s difficult to choose one that will serve you best, and it’s too time-consuming to go by trial and error. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best AI tools that help save time on the scriptwriting process, allowing you to focus on crucial tasks demanding your human attention.


Captions is an AI-powered tool available as both desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) apps. It offers a whole scope of activities necessary to produce quality video content.

There you can create a video script automatically, use a teleprompter to record the video, auto-generate and edit subtitles, and download a video in any format and aspect ratio needed for social media. Basically, Captions is an AI tool that comprises multiple advanced tools for script writing, subtitle creation, stylization and translation, and even AI dubbing into 100+ languages.

Captions can create compelling scripts if you just give it a couple of text prompts and indicate the target audience, video lengths, etc. Just within several minutes, you’ll have a sarcastic dialogue for a 3-minute YouTube video or a funny text for a 20-second Instagram reel.

Is there a free version?

Yes, and the free version includes an AI script writer.


~$37.40 per year.

~$17.50 per month.


Squibler is a web-based app that promises users to overcome writer’s block via its AI’s ability to generate not only video scripts but also books and screenplays. Moreover, the app allows for the creation of visual elements based on the generated text.

Squibler’s script writing aims at those who create long videos with multiple plot points and complicated character dynamics. It doesn’t have any features for video editing and facilitates the video creation process through creating high-quality texts.

Is there a free version?

Yes, the free version enables you to tap into AI script writing with 6,000 words a month and create 5 images.


$240 per year for an unlimited number of words and image generation.


Veed is a famous video editor that includes a script generator as one of its tools. Being a rather pricey app for content creation, it has many AI functionalities, including background removal, correcting eye contact on a video, and creating AI avatars. Veed’s script generator is available only via a browser, meaning there is no special app for iOS or Android that would include the feature. 

Is there a free version?

AI script generation is free, as is subtitling 30 minutes of audio per month. The advanced features of Veed for video creation and editing require a subscription.


€156 per year per user for the basic plan (subtitling 60 minutes per month, background removal, etc.).

€264 per year per user for the pro plan (iOS app, subtitles download and translation, etc.).


This AI-powered app is primarily used for creating professional diagrams for business. However, with the tool rapidly evolving its AI technology, EdrawMax expanded its scope of features to include an AI script generator.

In a nutshell, you simply ask EdrawMax’s bot to write a script, describing its main intent, number of characters, or other details you find relevant. Then, you can export the generated script in any suitable format (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.).

Is there a free version?

Yes, there’s a free 7-day trial period that allows for generating a limited number of video scripts.


$99 per year with unlimited video script generation.

Shortly AI

Shortly AI offers content creators a way to fight writer’s block and aid their brainstorming sessions via a thought-out, simple interface and a variety of short commands that make the writing process 10 times faster.

There, you can start creating a script from scratch or ask the tool to rewrite or shorten the text for a blog, a novel, or a video for any social media platform. Shortly AI promises that the script will be generated within 4-5 minutes.

Is there a free version?

Yes, there’s a free trial period that allows for 4 free text generations per day.


$79 per month.

$65 per month if billed annually.

Brief Notes: 4 Best AI Script Generators

If you’re looking for the best AI script generator but don’t have much time, we’ve prepared for you a short outline of the four great tools for mobile and desktop use.

Great for Mobile Use


  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • Cost-efficient, and many features are available for free.
  • Allows for the auto-generation and translation of scripts and subtitles.
  • Has embedded teleprompter and AI dubbing features.


  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • Enables you to summarize a text.
  • Advises on how to fine-tune the text.

Great for Desktop Use


  • Available from any browser.
  • Less expensive than other web-based tools, and its free trial isn’t limited in terms of time.
  • Has a wide scope of functionalities (scriptwriting, subtitle generation and translation, AI dubbing, exporting of videos in any quality and aspect ratio, etc.).

Shortly AI

  • Allows you to generate texts from scratch for any social media platform and a personal blog.
  • Can complete your sentence, shorten it, and rephrase it via slash commands.
  • Has OpenAI’s GPT-3 under the hood.

How Can I Be Sure I Chose the Best Tool?

The truth is that even the best AI script writer can turn out to be downright inconvenient for you. It may have a bunch of features you will never use or an irritating interface that, surprisingly, everyone was so fond of in the reviews.

The solution is simple:

1) Outline the features you need to use routinely.

2) Shortlist 3 apps that meet all your needs.

3) Try to generate scripts via their free versions.

By doing so, you’ll avoid overpaying for unnecessary functionalities and will know if it’s comfortable for you to work with the tool. In the meantime, feel free to give Captions a try—maybe its scripts will strike a chord with your followers!