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How to Automatically Add Subtitles to Videos: One Guide to Ease Your Routine

Generating subtitles can be time-consuming only when you use the wrong tool, which turns the process into drudgery. However, once you find a robust auto-subtitle generator that does the most tedious work on its own, adding subtitles turns into an easy task, bringing lots of benefits.

Let’s learn how to generate subtitles most efficiently, but first, understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can actually do it.

How Can AI Auto-Generate Subtitles?

Speech recognition software is ubiquitous now, but how exactly can an AI-powered tool decipher human speech? The process is complex but can be explained in a few simple words.

AI first consumes and analyzes a lot of textual and audio data to correctly render the speech on the uploaded video. In Captions, we employ various AI subsets, including natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition technology, machine learning (ML), and neural networks, to achieve a 96% level of accuracy in creating video subtitles.

How to Automatically Generate Subtitles to a Video via Captions

While a difficult network of technologies is unceasingly working in the background, Captions’ interface is extremely simple. Available for free, Captions allows you to download your subtitled video without any limitations in terms of length.

To instantly generate subtitles, you only need to take the following steps:

  1. Upload your video file to Captions, or record a video using an embedded teleprompter.
  2. Wait just a few minutes, and the tool will automatically generate subtitles with a remarkable accuracy of 96%.
  3. Customize the subtitle styles and apply various animation and speed options.
  4. Translate subtitles into 100+ languages right inside the app.
  5. Download a separate TXT or SRT file with timecodes and export your video in any quality and aspect ratio for any social media platform.

The five steps apply to both desktop and mobile apps available on iOS and Android. So, you can add captions to your videos on any platform that is convenient for you, even from a browser! 

5 Features a Modern Auto-Subtitle Generator Should Have

The demands of the audience are becoming more elaborate, hence, content creators need to go all out to meet them. Being a strong aid in this endeavor, a modern auto-subtitle generator has to feature a lot more than just the functionality of making subtitles. 

Captions, for example, found its own way to present you with a full suite for creating content that captures attention. Here are some of its cool features:

AI Script Generator

Sometimes, writing a video script can flow like a river, but don’t we all know that at times it’s just impossible to create a single line? This is when Captions’ script generator comes to rescue your imagination. 

Just tell it briefly about your idea, choose the needed tone of voice, the target audience, the video length, and voila! You have sarcastic dialogue or an entertaining narration for children.


From now on, you can forget about stumbling upon every other word or memorizing a text for an entire video, as you’ll be able to read the script right from the screen. You just need to upload your own text, or use the one generated by Captions, and set the convenient delay of its appearance on the screen.

AI Dubbing in Multiple Languages

Captions is not just another subtitle maker, but a smart tool that can dub your videos with your own voice, speaking a foreign language! The AI we’ve employed analyzes your intonations and pitch of voice to then accurately mimic them. Choose among 100+ different languages, and our online tool will dub your video into any of them.

Subtitle Styles Customization

Edit your subtitles, choose among various fonts and colors, place them in the right place, and regulate the speed of their appearance. Captions allows you to imbue your videos with your unique vision by customizing subtitles.

Translation to 100+ languages 

You don’t need to bother with downloading another app to translate your subtitles, as the dedicated tool is already integrated into Captions. With accessible videos enhanced by subtitles translated into any language, you can tap into a multi-lingual audience.

Export of an SRT Subtitle File

When creating closed captions for YouTube, for example, you need to upload to YouTube two files: one with a video, and a subtitle file. Captions allows you to auto-generate subtitles for free, edit them, if needed, apply the right font, and then download an SRT file with them. 

How Will Subtitles Benefit My Content Performance?

It may seem like adding subtitles is too time-consuming to even bother about their creation. But we assure you: social media videos greatly benefit from subtitles, considering that, via Captions, their writing demands minimum effort from your side. Let us show you some of the real benefits of video subtitles propped up by official statistics.

Make Your Videos Accessible

48 million Americans suffer from hearing difficulties, as stated by the Hearing Loss Association of America. Add subtitles, and you’ll instantly create video content that promotes inclusivity across all social media platforms. 

Boost Your SEO Ranking

If you download a subtitle file along with a video, search engines will analyze this text and suggest your content to potential viewers if it’s relevant. With our auto-subtitles generator, you can expand the number of channels through which viewers can find your videos and stay for good.

Enhance Content Comprehension

Suppose you’re still doubting using a subtitle tool. In that case, you need to know that the University of South Florida St. Petersburg found out that 99% of students believe that captions aid in their better comprehension of lecturers. 

So, if you’re creating educational content or your audience is not native speakers, you can add captions to prove to your followers that you sincerely care if your message is understood correctly.

Still in Doubt About Auto-Captions? 

Once you add subtitles to your video, your audience will grow more diverse. They will be able to watch videos on mute, and if translated into another language, the subtitles will promote your social media across the globe! 

Moreover, the simplicity of subtitle creation provided by Captions will elevate your video content editing experience. The high-quality subtitles, in turn, will attract new viewers who will appreciate the complete understanding of your videos. So, don’t hesitate, and try the tool in practice for free! 


How to create auto-subtitles for social media platforms?

You can automatically generate subtitles via the web or mobile version of Captions by following these steps:

  1. Upload your video file to the app, and wait a few moments for the AI to render your speech into text with 96%+ accuracy.
  2. Customize the generated auto-subtitles by choosing an appropriate font and animation.
  3. Export your video in any quality or aspect ratio needed for your social media platform.
  4. Download a separate TXT and/or SRT file with subtitles to create closed captions.
Can I automatically add subtitles to a video online for free?

Yes, Captions enables you to automatically add subtitles to a video in its free version. Moreover, you can edit them, tap into some AI functionalities, and then download the video in any quality and aspect ratio.

Does your auto-subtitle generator produce accurate captions?

Our subtitle maker does indeed create subtitles with 96%+ accuracy. Precision is achieved through the use of modern speech recognition technology that can tackle various accents and voice pitches on your audio track. 

Can I add subtitles to Instagram videos?

The subtitles needed for Instagram videos are called “open,” as they’re embedded into the video itself, and viewers can’t turn them off. Captions allows for creating this type of auto-subtitles and if you need them, you will only have to download the video alone without a separate subtitle file.